Loose White Sapphire

White Sapphire

Loose White Sapphire Gemstone (RGJ-White-Sapphire)

We supply a large selection of high quality loose white sapphires, available in multiple shapes and ready-to-set. Each shape comes in a variety of unique sizes. Contact us today about purchasing a loose white sapphire, viewing our current inventory, or custom designing a piece of white sapphire jewelry.

White Sapphire Availability Info
Kinds Genuine
Qualities Fine, Extra Fine, RGS™
Colors White
Shapes Oval, Round, Princess, Cushion, Octagon, Trillion, Pear, Heart, Asscher, Marquise, Baguette and more.
Availability On demand. Appointment is recommended.


Quality Descriptions:

  • FineA good gem quality.
  • Extra Fine = A better gem quality.
  • RGS™ = The best gem quality available.

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Gemstones are not pictured in actual size. Colors may vary depending on your screen. Images shown represent actual gemstones. Every gemstone is unique and may vary.

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