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  • Class Ring Mods™

    • What is a Class Ring Mod?

      A Class Ring Mod is a modification we perform to upgrade your class ring's appearance and overall value.

    • Can I purchase a single mod instead of package?

      Yes. Class Ring Mods are sold individually or as part of a package. You can even custom make your own Class Ring Mod.

    • Who works on my ring?

      We do. All work including Class Ring Mods is performed in-house.

    • Do you set the gemstones?

      Yes. In fact, we are the only ones who do the work ourselves without hiring a team of people to do it for us. Using advanced techniques we ensure your gemstones are set extremely safe and securely.

    • How safe is a Class Ring Mod?

      Extremely safe. We are the area's most experienced master goldsmiths and we use the finest craftsmanship on all of our Class Ring Mods. We warranty all work we do on your ring for life.

    • Is the gemstone I pick out the one I get?

      Yes. The gemstone you pick out in our shop is the actual one that we set into your class ring.

    • How many customizing options are there?

      Unlimited. We customize every aspect of your class ring and our packages to meet your every need. Less metal? Closer stones? A skull added to the side of the ring? No problem. Every Class Ring Mod you see is specific to the one who requested it. No one else offers a more personalized custom service.

    • Do you offer a discount and free dividers?

      Yes. Every package we offer is priced up to 20% off normal retail value for military students, families and alumni. A FREE pair of Divider Mods, up to a $250 value, is included with every package purchase of $200 or more.

    • Is there a payment deadline for special pricing?

      No. There is no payment deadline for your military discount or the FREE pair of Divider Mods.

    • Can I upgrade to Class Ring Mods if I already have a ring?

      Yes. In fact, we upgrade various styles of alumni rings year round. Your ring's specifications do not need to match how we ask you to order it from the ring company. We ask for those specific options because it makes our job easier and there is less work involved but it's definitely NOT a requirement.

  • The Ring Company

    • Who is the ring company and what is the contract?

      The ring company is the winner of a special contract to be the exclusive producer of all class ring settings for a particular class year. The ring company producing the setting may change from year to year. Visit our How to Order page to find what company produced settings for your class year.

    • What is included and excluded in the ring company contract?

      Contract Includes: A class ring setting.

      Contract Excludes: Everything else; including all diamonds, gemstones, dividers, upgrades and future services and repairs.

      This is where we come in. The ring company specializes in producing settings, while we specialize in adding high quality diamonds, gemstones, upgrades and all future services and care of your class ring.

    • How should I order my ring from the ring company?

      If you plan on upgrading your ring, you should order it with these options:

      • Open back.
      • A single black onyx center stone. No cluster/pavé.
      • Plain gold star dividers.
      • A satin finish and no antiquing.

      Ordering your ring with these options will make it easier to add your Class Ring Mods. We can also add antiquing at no charge after your upgrade.

    • Can I purchase the class ring setting from you?

      No. Under contract only one company (ie: the ring company) is allowed to produce the class ring settings for a particular year. Once you have your ring setting, we provide Class Ring Mods, packages, diamonds, gemstones and all other class ring related services and care.

    • I lost my ring. Can I have it replaced?

      Yes. If anything happens to your class ring (loss, damage, theft, extensive wear) the ring company is able to provide you with a replacement class ring setting, at your request. Once you receive your new ring setting we can add Class Ring Mods to match your previously lost ring's style or you can upgrade to a new style, the choice is yours.

  • Services & Shipping

    • Do you size class rings?

      Yes. We size class rings in our shop year round. If however you just recently received your class ring from the ring company, we recommend sending it back to be resized. When you're dropping off your ring for Class Ring Mods, we will check to make sure it is the correct size before you leave.

    • How long will servicing my ring take?

      The time varies based on the amount of rings we're currently working on. It can typically take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. For a more accurate time estimate or rush job, please contact us.

    • I live out of state. Can I ship you my ring?

      Yes. We work with military from all over the USA and abroad. Always contact us before you ship us a package. We recommend that you insure your package. Ship to the following address and make sure to leave off "Jewelers" when writing the name of our store (for security purposes).

      205 MAIN STREET
      ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401

      Please Note: Ron George Jewelers is not responsible for packages while they are in the process of being shipped or packages that arrive without prior authorization and proper notice. If a packaged arrives damaged it may be rejected at the time of delivery. If there is an issue we recommend contacting the mailing provider.

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