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Class Ring Mods™

Upgrade your USNA class ring with our exclusive high-end gemstones. Each gemstone is ready-to-set in your choice of Class Ring Mod™ to complete your USNA class ring.

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USNA Class Ring Mod Classic M1 Moissanite Diamond Dividers

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USNA Class Ring Mod™


Sail the Seven Seas in Style

United States Naval Academy

Anchors Aweigh™

by Ron George

Crafted from solid platinum or gold, our Anchors Aweigh Class Ring Mod™ style is ready to set sail and durable enough for the journey that lies ahead.

How to order a setting from the ring company.

Every USNA class year has a specific ring company that you must order the class ring setting from. Once your Class Ring Mod™ is purchased from us and you've recieved your class ring setting (or if you already have one), leave it with us. We'll craft and install your Class Ring Mod™ upgrade to complete your ring.

Setting Options

USNA Class Ring stock with black onyx.

Options: Black onyx, open back, satin finish, star dividers

If you do not already have a class ring setting, order one from the ring company with the options shown and choose any ring size, metal and finger size you prefer.

Ordering a ring with these options will aid us in the upgrading process which results in a faster turn-around time and a much more cost effective upgrade for you.

Ring Companies

Class Year

Ring Company
2004-2026 Jostens
2003 Herff Jones
2002 Jostens
2001 Herff Jones
2000 Jostens
1999 Herff Jones
1996-1998 Jostens
1995 Herff Jones
1988-1994 Jostens
1987 Herff Jones
1986 Balfour
1985 Herff Jones
1984 Jostens
1982-1983 Balfour
1980-1981 Jostens
1979 Herff Jones
1978 Jostens
1977 Balfour
1973-1976 Herff Jones
1972 Balfour
1971 Jostens
1970 Balfour
1969 Herff Jones
1967-1968 Jostens
1964-1966 Balfour
1962-1963 Herff Jones
1958-1961 Jostens
1957 Herff Jones
1955-1956 Jostens
1954 Herff Jones
1953 Bailey Banks & Biddle
1952 Herff Jones
1951 Jostens
1949-1950 Bailey Banks & Biddle
1948 Herff Jones
1945-1947 Bailey Banks & Biddle

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