Anniversary rings and gifts are available in-store, online, through special order and by custom design.

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Anniversary Special Orders

View our special order showcase for amazing anniversary gifts including personalized jewelry and rings.

Stackable diamond bands in yellow, white and rose gold for wedding and anniversary or engagement bridal sets.
This year, let us design a gift as unique as your love.

Anniversary Custom Jewelry Design

Celebrate your love with the gift of an exquisite custom jewelry design.

Trillian cut morganite pendant with cognac diamonds in rose gold. Custom design by Ron George.
  • Anniversary Milestones


    Special anniversaries are known as milestones and each one has a unique gemstone or metal.

  • 1st Anniversary


    The one-year anniversary is known as the "Golden Anniversary" and is celebrated with gold jewelry.

  • 5th Anniversary


    Just like your marriage the sapphire is hard and durable making it the five-year anniversary stone of choice.

  • 10th Anniversary


    The ten-year anniversary is a major milestone and celebrated with the never ending exquisite beauty of diamonds.

  • 15th Anniversary


    A symbol of the heart, ruby represents love, power and passion. It is the fifteen-year anniversary celebratory stone.

  • 20th Anniversary


    Twenty years is a landmark anniversary celebrating your growth as a couple with the green gift of emerald.

  • 25th Anniversary

    Sterling Silver

    The "Silver Jubilee" as it's known, the twenty-five year anniversary is a milestone celebrated with silver.

  • 30th Anniversary


    Believed to bring luck and wealth, pearls are the stone of choice for the thirty-year "Pearl Jubilee" anniversary.

  • 35th Anniversary


    A precious stone, the luxurious emerald heralds in thirty-five years of growth, maturity and love as a couple.

  • 40th Anniversary


    A true milestone worth celebrating, Ruby represents the heartfelt love and passion forty years together brings.

  • 45th Anniversary


    A symbol of faithfulness and sincerity, the sapphire is also hard and durable making it the perfect forty-five year gift.

  • 50th Anniversary


    The fifty-year anniversary is known as the "Golden Jubilee" and celebrated with gifts of gold jewelry.

  • 55th Anniversary


    Good fortune and luck are associated with the alexandrite, the fifty-five year milestone gemstone of choice.

  • 60th Anniversary


    A timeless classic of exquisite beauty, the diamond celebrates sixty-years of love and companionship.

  • 70th Anniversary


    Known as the "Platinum Jubilee" the seventy-year anniversary is a symbol of endurance and the brilliance of love.

  • 80th Anniversary


    The "Ruby Jubilee" celebrating eighty-years of true love and a lifetime of heartfelt memories and happiness.

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