Class Ring Services

We service class rings for the USNA (United States Naval Academy), USAFA (United States Air Force Academy), and the USMA (United States Military Academy).


Class Ring Mods™

Class Ring Mod™ updgrades

A Class Ring Mod™ is a modification we perform that upgrades your class ring's appearance and overall value. We design, craft and install Class Ring Mods™ in-house and year-round.

Bezel Upgrade

A class ring's bezel (the ring of metal that surrounds the center) acts as a layer of protection. Stock bezels produced by ring companies tend to be made too thin and within years of use can wear down, compromising the center's integrity. Our well-crafted bezel upgrade adds metal, helping to ensure the center's security and overall longevity.

Stone Cutting

Class Ring Gemstone Cutting

We offer a custom stone cutting service for Alumni who find unique gems over-seas. However, not all rough stones are worthy of being cut into finer gem quality shapes. There's also minor risks involved when cutting rough stones. Contact us to learn more about this unique custom service.


Ring Sizing

Class Ring Sizing

When sizing a class ring, we take the extra time and care needed to size it without unsightly solder lines or breaks in the gold chains. In addition, when sizing up, we make sure the ring remains as round as possible. This helps to fit the natural form of a finger, making it more comfortable to wear for many years to come.

Ring Cleaning

Every class ring is inspected and cleaned differently depending on the gemstones and metals it contains. Using industrial grade equipment, we deep clean rings, ridding them of dirt, oil and grease build-up. We then finish the cleaning process off with a light polish, allowing them to once again shine like new.


Class Ring Antiquing

Antiquing is the process of adding a black or dark brown color inside the engraving around your ring. This makes the details of the raised sections stand out. Antiquing doesn't harm your ring and is able to be removed or reapplied at any time.


Ring Restoration

Class Ring Restoration

With time and use, the engraved metal details in a class ring can become worn and unrecognizable. Using advanced hand engraving techniques, we carefully add the details back, restoring the class ring to its previous glory.

Surface Refinishing

When the various surface finishes of a class ring wear down, the details around the ring lose their luster and become more obscured. When refinishing, we add back the multiple surface finishes allowing the details to be more pronouned and recognizable.


Metal Damage

Class Ring Metal Damage Repair

A class ring's metal may sustain damage, whether accidental or inflicted, at some point in its life. We not only repair the metal but also restore any engraving and refinish any surfaces affected by the damage. This allows for a more seamless repair.

Stone Damage

While in some rare cases a stone can be polished or recut to repair damage, most of the time it requires replacing it completely. We use our expertise to find a close match to the original stone and using a higher level of craftsmanship, set it more securly than the original. For class rings that have been properly insured, there is often no charge for the replacement stone.

"...With the original ring manufacturers who produced many of our rings going out of business, it is good to know that there is an Annapolis jeweler who has extensive experience in working on class rings, who will give you personal service and beautiful craftsmanship..."

- Steve Kelly, USNA '76

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