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Class Ring Mods

Class Ring Mods are used to upgrade your ring's appearance and overall value. We design, craft and install Class Ring Mods year round. There are several types of Class Ring Mods to choose from. To learn more, visit our about Class Ring Mods page. You can also browse, customize and build your own mod package by visiting your Academy page found in the main menu dropdown.


Your class ring may incur damage at some point in its life. Sometimes that damage is near engraving. We repair your ring and redo the engraving making your class ring look like new again.


Is your ring feeling a little tight or loose? We can help. We have been sizing class rings for over 47 years. After we size your ring we rebuild the links at the bottom making it appear no work was even done.


Over the years dirt, oil and grease may build up under the stones and inside the engraving of your class ring. Stop by anytime and we'll clean your ring letting your gemstones once again shine like new.


Your class ring may experience many micro scratches as a result of daily wear. We remove these micro scratches and restore your ring's metal back to like new condition.


Is your ring worn down from years of use? By using advanced hand engraving techniques, we carefully add the detail back into your ring.


Antiquing is the process of adding a black color inside the engraving around your ring. This makes the detail (raised sections) stand out. Antiquing does not harm your ring and is durable, lasting a very long time. It can be removed or reapplied at any time.


Have a class ring worked on elsewhere and need it redone? We correct, with better craftsmanship, the damage others cause and replace class ring gemstones with better qualities year round. There is no alternative choice when it comes to the high quality and craftsmanship of Class Ring Mods.


We warranty all of the work we do. If you have previously purchased a Class Ring Mod package from us, some of the services listed on this page may be covered under your lifetime warranty and provided to you at no charge (shipping not included). Contact us for more information.


If you live out of state you can ship us your class ring to be serviced. Always contact us before shipping. We recommend you have your package insured for its full value before shipping. Be sure to leave "Jewelers" out of our name for security purposes. Ship to the following address.


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