Loose Iolite


Loose Iolite Gemstone (RGJ-Iolite)

We supply large selection of high quality loose iolite, available in multiple shapes and ready-to-set. Each shape comes in a variety of unique sizes. Contact us today about purchasing a loose iolite, viewing our current inventory, or custom designing a piece of iolite jewelry.

Iolite Availability Information
Kinds Genuine
Qualities Fine, Extra Fine, RGS™
Colors Violetish blue
Shapes Oval, Round, Square, Octagon, Trillion, Pear, Marquise and more.
Availability In stock and on demand.


Quality Descriptions:

  • FineA good gem quality.
  • Extra Fine = A better gem quality.
  • RGS™ = The best gem quality available.

Gemstones are not pictured in actual size. Colors may vary depending on your screen. Images shown represent actual gemstones. Every gemstone is unique and may vary.

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