Pure 24K gold is bright and shiny with a slightly reddish yellow color. Too soft to make functional jewelry, it's mixed with other metals. Producing purities of 18K, 14K and 10K enables gold to be used for jewelry production while in many cases also adding strength, style and affordability.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is an alloy with a natural yellow color that comes in slight variations depending on the gold's purity. The purer the gold, the richer and slightly more reddish-yellow the color becomes.

White Gold

White gold is an alloy achieved by mixing gold with palladium or nickel. White gold has a beautiful and natural warmer white color. Finished white gold jewelry is often rhodium plated, giving the piece a pure white appearance.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy. The natural beauty of rose gold makes it a popular choice for 21st century fine jewelry.