Pink Spinel

Class Ring Mod™ Gemstone Pink Spinel

Pink Spinel

Spinel comes in many colors. Genuine Pink Spinel is a very rare and very brilliant gemstone. Its usually cut with facets to compliment its natural brilliance. Pink Spinel has a hardness rating of 8 out of 10 and is considered a suitable option for daily wear when set into your class ring.

Mineral Spinel
Hardness 8
Birthstone August


The following packages can be built with Pink Spinel centers.
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Sizes & Availability

Diamond and gemstone dividers are available for all ring sizes.
Large Ring
Base Gemstone Style Divider
Classic M1™ 12x10
Pro M12™ 12x10
Pro M18™ 12x10
Pro M26™ 12x10

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