Class Ring Mod™ Gemstone Diamond


A Diamond produces one of the classiest looks when set as the centerpiece of your class ring. Diamonds are the most brilliant and durable of all the stones. A Diamond has a hardness rating of 10 making it the ideal choice for a class ring you plan on wearing daily.

The way diamonds are graded is different than other gemstones. They are graded using the 4Cs. Like other gems however, our RGS™ Quality diamonds are the highest qualities available. Visit our Diamond Guide to learn more about how diamonds are graded.

Mineral Diamond
Hardness 10
Birthstone April

Did you know?

We are the #1 supplier in Annapolis of diamonds and gemstones to the Academy!


The following packages can be built with Diamond centers.
Choose one for more customization options.

Sizes & Availability

Diamond and gemstone dividers are available for all ring sizes.
Large Ring
Base Gemstone Style Divider
Classic M1™ 12x10
Pro M12™ 12x10
Pro M18™ 12x10
Pro M26™ 12x10

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