Watch being repaired.
We offer full service repair for most watch brands.


Watch repair estimates are FREE but may require time to deconstruct, analyze and price the parts needed. We always reconstruct your watch before returning it to you, regardless whether we repair it or not.

Watch battery being replaced.
Watch battery replacements while you wait.


Watch battery replacements are completed while you wait unless otherwise noted at the time of your visit. Some watches drain battery life quicker than usual, this can be a sign of service needed on your watch.


The watch movement is the entire engine that powers your watch. We decsontruct your watch movement piece-by-piece to find the problem. Once found we replace the faulty parts. If no parts are available we will provide you with an estimate to replace the entire movement.


Part of regular watch care and maintenance is cleaning. Over time dust, oil and other gunk can take a toll on watch parts. We clean it out to extend the overall life of your timepiece.


The stem attaches the crown of your watch to the watch movement. It's a small metal rod and can often be damaged if it's left extended and you're not carefull. We replace most major watch brand stems if damage occurs.


The crown of your watch is the knob you use to adjust the time and date. If you're not carefull it may become damaged from everyday wear. We replace crowns when damaged.


Many watch brands such as rolex and omega require regular overhaul maintenance. An overhaul can be likened to taking your car for a full check up, oil and fluid change, cleaning and repair.


Over time the glass or sapphire crystal on your watch may become scratched or foggy. We polish the old crystal to remove scratches or replace it with a brand new crystal.

Did You Know?

We restore antique pocket watches from 1880 to present. We also offer expert services for estate wrist watches including Hamiltons, Elgins and Walthams.

Warranty & Disclaimer

We warranty only the parts we repair for 6 months after the repair intake date (as listed on the Repair Ticket Receipt given to you at the time you bring it in for service). We also warranty new movements, replaced by us, for one year after the intake date. The Repair Ticket receipt is required for all warranty fulfillments. We do not warranty against moisture in the movement or the watch's ability to repel water. Ron George Jewelers will not be held responsible for future problems that may arise, or services performed by others.