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Repair Services

Full service jewelry and watch repair in Annapolis.

Jewlery and watch repair.

Jewelry & Watch

We offer quality watch and jewelry repair to visitors and residents in the Annapolis area. Learn more about each service by using the navigation at the top of this page.

Ron and John George master goldsmiths working at the jewelers bench.

Master Goldsmiths

With over 100 years of combined experience, we carry the industry's highest standards in jewelry repair, watch repair and custom benchwork.

Jewelry checking and analysis.


We offer *FREE jewelry inspection service allowing you to wear your jewelry worry free.

Jewelry cleaning.


We offer a *FREE jewelry cleaning service, helping you to keep your jewelry looking its best.

Jewelry refinishing and buffing.


We offer a *FREE refinishing service for jewelry that was purchased from us.

*We reserve the right to charge a fee at our discretion and will discuss it with you beforehand. Fee will be based on the item and number of items to be serviced as compensation for time and/or materials.

Watch Repair

Expert watch repair in Annapolis.

Watch battery being replaced.

Battery Replacement

We have provided expert watch battery replacements for over 25 years. Watch battery replacements are completed while you wait unless otherwise noted at the time of your visit. Some watches drain battery life quicker than usual, this can be a sign of service needed on your watch.

Watch being repaired.

Full Service

We offer full service repair for most watch brands. Watch repair estimates are FREE but require time to deconstruct, analyze and price the parts needed. We always reconstruct your watch before returning it to you, regardless whether we repair it or not.

  • Battery Replacement
  • Movement Repair
  • Movement Replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Stem Replacement
  • Crown Replacement
  • Overhaul
  • Crystal Replacement

Did You Know?

We restore antique pocket watches from 1880 to present. We also offer expert service for estate wrist watches including Hamiltons, Elgins and Walthams.

Warranty & Disclaimer

We warranty only the parts we repair for 6 months after the repair intake date (as listed on the Repair Ticket Receipt given to you at the time you bring it in for service). We also warranty new movements, replaced by us, for one year after the intake date. The Repair Ticket receipt is required for all warranty fulfillments. We do not warranty against moisture in the movement or the watch's ability to repel water. Ron George Jewelers will not be held responsible for future problems that may arise, or services performed by others.

Ring Repair

Ring repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.
Ring repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.


Finger sizes change due to many different factors including diet, humidity, age and exercise. Some rings need special features added to accomidate a finger with a larger knuckle. There are many options to ensure that your ring fits your finger comfortably. We offer ring guards, sizing beads and custom bar inlays that will help your ring fit no matter the circumstance. We work on all men's and women's ring styles. If it can be done, we can do it.


Over time, prongs tend to take a beating. Proper upkeep is essential to avoid lost stones. We evaluate prongs for free. If a repair is needed, at your request we can re-tip the prongs on your ring. In some cases replacing prongs or even the etire head of the ring may be necessary to help ensure the safety of your ring and stones.


Over time the shank (or band) of a ring may wear thin. If it becomes too thin and pressure is applied (such as when you pick up a heavy object), a fracture or even a complete crack can occur. We replace 1/2, 3/4 and full shanks, keeping your ring looking and performing like new.


Is there a fracture in your gold or platinum piece? Fractures can be hairline thin but dangerous. We solder or seamlessly replicate parts of rings, making them safe to wear again.

Necklace Repair

Necklace repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.
Necklace repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.

Broken Chains

Broken links can often be a sign of wear on the necklace; when one goes more often follow. Wear your chain necklace less frequently, or with caution. Broken chains can be repaired by soldering the links back together. We can also replace missing or damaged sections of chains so you can wear your necklace with confidence.


We repair, replace and custom-make catches for many different types of necklaces, and to fit your specific needs. We also provide "safety-chains" for those who want the extra security.

Earring Repair

Earring repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.
Earring repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.


We stock sturdy earring backs to replace missing or damaged ones. Some people request their earring backs be changed to a more comfortable or safer style. Options include posts, screw backs or clip styles.


Earring posts can sometimes bend out of shape, wear thin, or in some cases break with heavy use. You may also desire shorter or longer posts for comfort. We repair and replace posts on earrings, mindful of your personal needs.


We solder broken joints in earrings, and if requested, can adapt and reposition parts to face the earring forward instead of to the side.


Missing an earring? We help you find a replacement or create a match to complete your pair. Or, if you prefer, or if no match is found, we can turn your earring into a pendant.

Bracelet Repair

Bracelet repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.
Bracelet repair at Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis.

Broken links

Damaged bracelets links may be soldered back together, or if necessary in some instances, whole sections may be replaced. We also add or subtract length if requested and check other links for wear.


We repair, replace and custom-make clasps for many different types of bracelets, to fit your specific needs. We also provide "safety-chains" for those who want the extra security.


Bangle bracelets are very popular, but beware of mass produced bracelets that are hollow and easily dented. We recommend spending a bit extra on heavier made bangles to prevent damage. In some cases, we are able to reshape a dented bangle slightly. We also repair special catches of the bangle variety.

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