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History & Tradition

Ron George was the first jeweler to personally handcraft custom class rings for USNA Midshipmen back in 1982. He began a tradition of service that has continued for over 35 years. Today, in honor of this tradition, Ron and his son John continue work directly with Mids, their families and Alumni to handcraft unique class rings to be proudly worn and cherished for a lifetime.

Ron and John George working on Mid's class rings.
Ron and John George working on USNA class rings.

Best Custom Service

It is our honor to serve those who serve our country. As Maryland's leading custom jewelers, all work is completed in-house by the same two people (Ron and John George) selling you your quality gemstones. Each ring (cluster and plug) they craft is a unique custom design, hand-made and hand-set specifically for you. This complete in-house service allows us the flexibility to accommodate all of your needs.

Class rings and gemstones on Ron's bench as they are being worked on.
Class rings and gemstones on Ron's bench.

Unbeatable Prices

We are Maryland's Direct Diamond and Gemstone Suppliers℠, allowing you to cut out the middle man and SAVE BIG. Add in the generous military discounts we provide and the fact that we do the work in-house ourselves and you receive the highest quality custom class rings at unbeatable prices.

Diamonds & Gemstones

As Maryland's Direct Diamond and Gemstone Suppliers℠, we supply the USNA access to certified diamonds and gems direct from stone cutters from around the world. Visit us to view and pick out the actual gemstones that will be set into your class ring! Our gemstone colors are always stunning and cuts brilliant... grades above the rest.

Class Ring Sizes
  • Oval 12x10 (Full Size in Men's)
  • Oval 8x6 (Full Size in Women's) (Men's Cluster or Plug)
  • Oval 7x5 (Full Size in Miniature) (Men's Cluster or Plug)
  • Oval 6x4 (Men's Cluster or Plug)
  • Oval 5x3 (Women's Cluster or Plug)
  • Oval 4x2 (Miniature Cluster or Plug)
Navy class ring gemstone selection in-store and ready-to-set.
Sampling of our USNA class ring gemstones, in-store and ready-to-set.

Class Ring Mods

Men's • Women's • Miniatures

Class Ring Mods℠ is a modification service for creating custom class rings. Class Ring Mods℠ are offered in packages by Ron George Jewelers for the United States Naval Academy Mids and Alumni. They are available in all Men's, Women's and Miniature size class rings. Ron George Jewelers does not provide the ring itself, only the modification.

Anatomy of a USNA class ring.
Anatomy of a Naval Academy class ring. Center Stone, Dividers, Cluster, and Plug.
RG Signature Package class rings.
RG Signature™ Package

RG Signature™


A completely custom ring made specifically for you by world renowned Annapolis designer Ron George.

World renowned jewelry designer Ron George is based in Annapolis, MD and has served the USNA since 1982. Work with him to design and build your very own Class Ring Mod℠. The RG Signature™ package is a completely custom and unique design by Ron George, made by hand specifically for you. It includes modifying the ring in any way you can imagine.

Patriot Package class rings.
Patriot™ Package



A center stone, dividers and or cluster containing any combination of diamond, ruby and sapphire.

Show your patriotism by wearing the colors of freedom! Customize your ring with any combination of diamond, ruby and sapphire. Designed by Ron George for the USNA's most patriotic, the three finest gemstones have been brought together to create the most American class ring ever conceived.

Blue and Gold Package class rings.
Blue and Gold™ Package

Blue & Gold™


A high quality large blue sapphire gemstone center and diamond or gemstone dividers.

Our Blue and Gold™ package is designed by Ron George and features a large blue sapphire set into your gold class ring. Show school pride and represent the USNA wherever you may go by embracing the colors that have made you into the man or woman you are today. This package turns heads... Go Navy Beat Army!

Elite Package class rings.
Elite™ Package



Any genuine gemstone surrounded by a cluster and diamond or gemstone dividers.

Nothing beats the elegant look of an Elite™ package. Designed for the Academy's elite, this package is stunning when viewed from afar or up close. There is no mistaking the brilliance created by the highest quality gemstones available from Ron George Jewelers, Maryland's Direct Diamond and Gemstone Suppliers℠.

Canoe U Package class rings.
Canoe U™ Package

Canoe U™


A large high quality semi-precious center stone and diamond or gemstone dividers.

We understand the hard work you've had to endure while attending good ol' "Canoe University". Be proud of your achievement and the ring you've earned! We work with you, upgrading your class ring with a high quality gemstone that reflects the work, dedication and time you've spent at "Canoe U". Without a doubt, you've earned it!

Brightwork Package class rings.
Brightwork™ Package



A precious metal plug. Diamond and gemstone center or dividers are optional.

The Brightwork™ package is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a non-traditional centerpiece to their class ring. A high quality one-of-a-kind gold or platinum plug designed for you by Ron George makes your ring truely unique. Gemstone and diamonds are optional.

Why Ron George?

Ron and John George working on USNA class rings at their benches.

Brightwork Package being created at the bench.
Brightwork™ package crafted at the bench.
Ron cutting a seat for a gemstone.
Ron cutting a seat for a gemstone.
John setting a gemstone into a class ring.
John setting a gemstone into a class ring.
Ron preparing to set a center gemstone on Naval Academy class ring.
Ron preparing to set a center gemstone.
John working on a Canoe U package Naval Academy class ring.
John working on a Canoe U™ package.
Ron working on an Elite package Naval Academy class ring at the bench.
Ron working on an Elite™ package.
Ron setting a gemstone into a Naval Academy class ring at the bench.
Ron setting a gemstone into a ring.
Most Experienced

Ron George Jewelers has been providing class ring upgrades longer than any other store in Annapolis. Ron George is the original USNA class ring craftsman in Annapolis and he personally has over 10 times more hands-on experience crafting USNA class rings than any other jeweler in Annapolis.

Best Service

Ron and John George personally arrange to aquire the gemstones direct from cutters, personally assist you on your purchase, and personally do the custom work on your ring in-house, by-hand. From start to finish we are here to personally serve you. No one else offers this complete of a personalized service.

Best Quality

Ron and John George hand pick the finest gemstones available direct from cutters. We take pride in providing the best quality in Annapolis to the USNA. In fact, a large portion of our time is spent fixing work performed by others and replacing diamonds and gems with ones of higher quality.

Best Prices

No one beats our prices. By keeping our custom design shop small, niche focused, and family operated, we are able to provide better quality materials, ensure the finest quality craftsmanship and keep our emphasis on superior customer service. You won’t get a better price for the same quality or experience. Guaranteed.

USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.
USNA Mid picking up a class ring.

We thank you for your service.

Additional Information

Sizing & Refinishing

For over 25 years, members of the Armed Forces all over the world have sent us their class rings to be upgraded, repaired, resized and refinished. With unparalleled craftsmanship, unbeatable prices and the safest shipping methods available, we have gained the reputation as one of the most trusted jewelers to members of all branches of the military.

Class Ring Resets

Have a class ring upgraded elsewhere and need it redone? We correct and fix, with better craftsmenship, any class ring upgrades attempted by others. Just bring it by or ship it to our Annapolis location anytime, we correct others work and replace class ring gemstones year round. There is no alternative choice offered by the USNA when it comes to Class Ring Mods℠. Work directly with Ron or John George and have your class ring redone right, by Maryland's premier custom craftsmen.


When you order your class ring from the ring company be sure to follow these steps. Order your ring with the free black onyx stone provided. If you want dividers, order your ring with the plain gold stars provided. If you plan to get a full-size gemstone with no surrounding cluster then order your ring with an open back to ensure optimal lighting and easier cleaning.


USAA insurance is offered to midshipmen at a great value. We recommend you insure your class ring through USAA to protect against damage, loss and theft. To learn more visit USAA.

The class ring experts. Do it once. Do it right. The class ring experts. Do it once. Do it right.

Visit us and compare qualities and prices to see why USNA Mids and Alumni continue to carry on the tradition Ron George started in 1982.


If you don't have a class ring already, order one (open back, black onyx, plain gold star dividers) from the ring company.


Pick a package, then view our quality selection of gemstones. Inspect each one before choosing the ones right for you.


Once complete, you can pick up your ring, or have it shipped. Enjoy and take pride in the stylish new look of your ring.

To learn more about class rings or report lost or found one visit