Share a class ring package page with classmates and receive an additional $1 OFF per like (up to 10% OFF) when you purchase that particular package.*

Please Note:
A package's Divider Mod defaults back to diamond and metal defaults to yellow when you share the page on a social network.

How to Share & Save Big!

Step 1

Friend or follow us on the social networks you plan to share on.*

Step 2

Customize a package on our website with Class Ring Mods.*

Step 3

After you build your ring, share it on your favorite social networks by clicking a share button or copy and paste the page url into your post (ie: share/pin/tweet...).*

Step 4

Don't forget to tag us and mention all of the mod customizations you made including your Divider Mod.*

Step 5

Purchase the package within 60 days of sharing it to receive an additional $1 off per like (up to 10% off) after your military discount has been applied.*

*You must share a class ring package page from our website on a social network. You must be a friend or follower of Ron George Jewelers on the social networks you choose. There is a limit of one eligible post (ie: share/pin/tweet...) per social network. Maximum discount allowed from this promotion is 10% of the package's purchase price (after military discount has been applied). The Share and Save discount is applied at the time of checkout (final payment). Proof of your post is required at the time of your final payment. Final payment must be received within 60 days from the date/time you share the class ring package page. This promotion is subject to end (terminate) without notice. If this promotion is terminated, all active posts (ie: share/pin/tweet...) and discounts that have not yet been paid, checked out or processed for final payment in their full amount will be voided. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.