Step 1

Order a Class Ring Setting.

If you already have a class ring,
you can skip to "Step 2".

USNA class ring basic setting.

Class Ring Setting

Black Onyx • Open Back • Satin Finish
Star Dividers • Any Metal • Any Size

Order a Class Ring Setting from the ring company with the options shown. If you're 2/C and just ordered a ring, the ring company should give you 30 days to change your order.

Choose any metal and ring size you prefer but make sure to choose a black onyx, open back, satin finish and star dividers. These options will aid us in the upgrading process which results in a faster turn-around time and a much more cost effective upgrade for you.

Please Note: If you desire an antiqued finish, we can add it at the end of the upgrading process at no charge to you.

Ring Companies


Class Year

Ring Company
2004-2024 Jostens
2003 Herff Jones
2002 Jostens
2001 Herff Jones
2000 Jostens
1999 Herff Jones
1996-1998 Jostens
1995 Herff Jones
1988-1994 Jostens
1987 Herff Jones
1986 Balfour
1985 Herff Jones
1984 Jostens
1982-1983 Balfour
1980-1981 Jostens
1979 Herff Jones
1978 Jostens
1977 Balfour
1973-1976 Herff Jones
1972 Balfour
1971 Jostens
1970 Balfour
1969 Herff Jones
1967-1968 Jostens
1964-1966 Balfour
1962-1963 Herff Jones
1958-1961 Jostens
1957 Herff Jones
1955-1956 Jostens
1954 Herff Jones
1953 Bailey Banks & Biddle
1952 Herff Jones
1951 Jostens
1949-1950 Bailey Banks & Biddle
1948 Herff Jones
1945-1947 Bailey Banks & Biddle

Step 2

Purchase your Class Ring Mods.

Eternal MX Sapphire Class Ring Mod
Eternal MX (Sapphire)

Discover and customize different Class Ring Mod combinations on our website. When you're ready or if you have any questions, contact us or visit us in-store.

Stop by our shop to view Class Ring Mods up close in our sample ring. Work 1-on-1 with a master class ring designer to customize your upgrade. The gemstones you view and pick out in-store are the same ones that we set into your ring.

Step 3

Upgrade your Class Ring.

Ron working on class rings at the bench.
Ron George crafting class ring upgrades.

Leave your ring with us and we'll begin work immediately in the order that they come in. If you're 2/C, we recommend getting your ring to us as soon as you receive it. This helps ensure it's ready in time for the Ring Dance. Once completed, you can pick up your upgraded class ring in person or have it securely shipped.


USNA Class Ring, Diamond, Eternal MX, Sapphire, Diamonds
White Prestige Package™
Base Mod™: Eternal MX™
Style Mod™: Sapphire
Gemstone Mod™: Diamond
Divider Mod™: Diamonds

You're now part of the original class ring upgrading tradition, founded by Ron George over 50 years ago to raise class rings to their highest levels of quality, craftsmanship, service and innovation. Learn More

You're now part of the original class ring upgrading tradition that's 50 years old and counting. Learn More

Enjoy your newly upgraded ring and rest assured you have the most experienced class ring craftsmen on-call and ready to assist you.

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