Enhance your ring with our Classic M1 upgrade. We replace the entire center of your ring with one of our large, rare, excellent cut, superior quality gemstones. It's our take on a classic look that's sure to impress.

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These professionally crafted mods are constructed using the maximum number of high quality stones possible. Available in 12, 18 and 26 stone combinations, each Pro Mod is precision crafted for your customization.

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We took our amazing Pro Mods and plus sized them. By using incredibly strong and secure prongs instead of a bezel, we used even less metal and fit a larger Gemstone Mod into the center. The surrounding stones are maxed out in size and we set them so close, they seem to touch. More gemstone, less metal.

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Behold the spectacular prestige of our Eternal MX. The world's first ever Base Mod to eliminate all space between its stones. The result is a design unrivaled in its precision, quality and craftsmanship.

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We are always creating new and exciting Class Ring Mod Bases for special purposes. Check them out here or contact us to have a new one made up just for you.

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Don't be limited to what's been done. As Annapolis' premier custom jewelers, we specialize in creating new and unique Class Ring Mod Bases that have never been done before. We are true class ring master craftsmen and our hand-crafted custom work is just one way we continue to lead the industry in class ring innovation.

Custom monogram Class Ring Mod Bases
Matching monogram Class Ring Mod™ Bases we hand-crafted for 3 generations of alumni from the same family (grandfather, father and son).