History & Tradition

Celebrating 46 years of class ring
craftsmanship and innovation.


Ron George, a 3rd generation goldsmith, customizes his first USNA class rings. Little did he know that he had just founded what would become a 46 year old family tradition.


While working 1-on-1 with a midshipman, Ron designs and then crafts what would later be known as the first ever Class Ring Mod upgrade.

Early 80s

Ron became the first craftsman to set larger (.05ct and .06ct) dividers into a USNA class ring.

Late 80s

Ron pushed innovation further by crafting perfectly tailored bezels that allow for larger stones to be tightly set around the center.


In 1991, Ron opened Ron George Jewelers, the longest operating jewelry store in Annapolis, MD to professionally serve mids with Class Ring Mod upgrades on a yearly basis.


Ron's son John joins the family trade to become a 4th generation custom goldsmith and jewelry designer. Working along side his father, John inherits the passion for handcrafting Class Ring Mods.


John George invents an all new Base Mod that sets gemstones seamlessly flush together, our Eternal MX.


In honor of the family tradition Ron first founded, he and his son John continue to work directly with mids and alumni on a daily basis. Together they personally design and handcraft unique class ring packages to be proudly worn and cherished for a lifetime.

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