Maryland's Direct Diamond Supplier

With diamonds from New York and Chicago to Tel-Aviv and Africa, we supply the Maryland area with a large selection of high quality certified diamonds direct from stone cutters from around the world. We are Maryland's direct diamond supplier and your source for negotiating the area's best prices on all qualities and sizes.

Buy Diamonds Direct and Save Big

Certified Engagement Diamonds

Since 1991 we have supplied couples with the area's best engagement diamonds. As one of Maryland's most trusted jewelers, we provide diamonds certified by the industry's leading grader (GIA) to be of top quality. Receive a lifetime of support and save on your engagement setting, wedding rings and anniversary band with the purchase of any engagement diamond from our store.

GIA Certified Diamond

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are in stock and made to order. Choose your color, clarity, cut and carat or simply give us a budget and we'll find the best deals available. Keep the studs simple with 4 prong post settings or go with a 3 or 6 prong. Want more security? Switch out the posts for screw backs. All of these options and more are available to you when you visit us in Annapolis for our brilliant diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Studs

Fancy Color Diamonds

The 4C color grade scale doesn't apply to fancy colored diamonds which come in hues of yellow, brown, red, pink, blue and green. Most colors are extremely rare and priced accordingly. Fancy color diamonds are given a color grade from least to most valued of "Fancy-Light", "Fancy", "Fancy-Intense" or "Fancy-Vivid" based on the level of saturation in their color. The largest fancy color diamond we've sold to date was a fancy-intense natural yellow diamond, certified by GIA to be flawless and weighed 6.54cts.

Fancy Colored Diamonds
  • Conflict Free Diamonds

    All of the diamonds sold at Ron George Jewelers are Conflict Free. Diamonds are certified by industry leaders.

  • GIA Certified Diamonds

    We offer GIA certified diamonds and supply requested GIA Certificates detailing a diamond's precise specifications.

  • WYSIWYG Diamonds

    Unlike shopping online where images are not of the actual diamond your purchasing, we offer you the ability to view and inspect first-hand the quality of your diamond before you purchase. What You See Is What You Get.

  • Free Diamond Setting

    With the purchase of your center diamond we offer our diamond setting service free of charge for engagement rings purchased at our store.

  • Discounted Wedding Bands

    When you purchase your engagement ring and diamond combo, we provide you with discounts on future purchases including wedding bands.

  • Lifetime 1 on 1 Service

    Receive a lifetime of support with all of your jewelry related needs including annual wear/damage analysis, custom modifications and jewelry repair.

  • Free Ring Cleaning

    Cleaning your rings constantly can be taxing. Stop by and receive a free ring cleaning next time your in town. This offer never expires.

  • Free Stone Checking

    Watch out for loose stones. Hitting prongs can cause damage. We offer free stone checking and alert you to any damage or wear.

4Cs Diamond Education

Color | Clarity | Cut | Carat

Learn Before You Buy

To understand how pricing a diamond works you must first learn the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat) of a diamond. The 4Cs combine to give a diamond its value. We have put together a wonderful resource here for you to take advantage of. Learn about each of the 4Cs and how GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades each one. Understanding the 4Cs and how diamonds are graded is the first step in making a smart purchase.

Once you feel comfortable with diamond grading or prefer to learn in person, give us a visit. We provide a free diamond education and cover tips on what to look for when shopping. You may also request to view your own specific diamond selection. We discuss and compare diamonds, looking at how each diamond's grade could effect the overall design of your new jewelry piece. As your direct diamond supplier, a good diamond education is always free.

Diamond Anatomy


A diamond's color can range on a letter scale from D-Z. The scale measures the lack of faint-yellow in a diamond with "D" being colorless and the highest grade. Diamonds used in jewelry are typically "J" or higher. We specialize in D-F colorless diamonds.

GIA Diamond Color
GIA Color Grades


The clarity scale is used to measure imperfections in a diamond. A 10X magnification is used when grading for clarity. Imperfections disrupt and scatter the light in a diamond. The less imperfections the rarer the diamond and higher the grade. Flawless is very rare.

GIA Diamond Clarity
GIA Diamond Clarity Grades


The cut of a diamond dictates how much light is captured by the diamond and in turn how brilliant the stone is. Every diamond is rated from "Excellent" to "Poor". If cut to ideal proportions the stone will capture more light giving the diamond an "Excellent" cut.

GIA Diamond Cut

Carat Weight

A carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Engagement ring centers are typically .75ct to 2ct with extravagant rings containing 2ct to 6ct diamonds. The diamond size chart may vary based on your monitor and should be used for a size comparison reference only.

GIA Diamond Carat Weight
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