Custom Jewelry

Custom Necklace by Designer Ron George
Custom Design Sapphire Ring

Custom Designs

Combine the expertise and unique eyes of designer Ron George or John George with our #1 in Maryland custom jewelry service to create your breathtaking piece. Unique and full of life the custom design is made for you to fit your own style.

Designs by Ron George
Custom Remount

Custom Remounts

Bring life back to your jewelry box, take your old jewelry and make it new again. You tell us what you want and we custom create it in the most cost effective way possible, using your existing stones and remounting them.

Custom Modification

Custom Modifications

Like a piece but wish it was slightly different? Have it custom modified to fit your own personal style. Add stones here, change metals there... custom modifying is the easiest way to make any piece from our store your own.

Custom Made in Maryland

We invite you to step back in time, before mass produced designer name brands and their retail counter parts,
and experience an art form that still beats strong at the very heart of the George family in Maryland.

Artisans & Craftsmen

As artisans and craftsmen we love working hands-on instead of outsourcing. Pouring gold is only one of the many aspects to our expertise.

Ron George

Ron George is a 3rd generation master goldsmith and designer. He has over 40 years of knowledge and experience at the bench.

John George

John George is our family's 4th generation master goldsmith and designer. He designs and custom creates jewery in Annapolis.

Custom Design Necklace Catch

Family Operated & Customer Oriented

Ron George is a master goldsmith and nationally established jewelry designer who owns and operates Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis, MD. He works side-by-side with his son John, a fourth generation custom goldsmith and designer. They personally sit with clients one-on-one to design unique custom pieces. Custom jewelry and design is part of the George family trade while personalized service is the business's foundation.

Custom Necklace Design by Ron George

Designs by Ron George

Custom Made - Handcrafted - Works of Art

Original Jewelry Artisan

Following the American dream, Ron created his business from the ground up as an alternative to run-of-the-mill jewelry retailers. As an artist, he strives to be different in a market dominated by mass producing brands. Today Ron uses over 40 years of knowledge and first hand experience to cater each custom design to his client's style and budget. He takes pride in every one of his creations and his customer's satsifaction with their finished piece.

CAD and Custom Designs

Jewelry CADs (Computer Assisted Designs) became popular when large mass producing corporations began lending their services to local retailers across the nation. In unique cases a CAD may be beneficial, such as a piece that is duplicated many times or one that requires a level of precision beyond what a human hand is capable of. However, for many designs and budgets they're not the best option. CADs frequently lead to designs that look machine fabricated and are too often abused by retailers wishing to offer "custom design" type services. We offer CADs but only when it is neccessary or requested.

Custom Designed Necklace
Custom Necklace by Ron George.
Design by Ron George
Diamond Engagement Ring by Ron George.
Design by Ron George
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