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Store Grand Opening
Grand opening in 1991. Georges from left to right; Dustin, Jessica, John, Becky, Henry, Silvia, Ron, and Sam.
Ron and John George Working at the bench
A surprise photograph taken by Sam George of Ron and John working at their benches - March 16th, 2015.
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Best place to buy an engagement ring in 2015
Best place to buy an engagement ring in 2015
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Artisans, Craftsmen and Family Trade

In 1991 jewelry designer Ron George opened Ron George Jewelers in Annapolis, MD. Family owned and operated he works along side his wife Becky and sons, Sam and John. John manages, designs, and custom creates jewelry in Annapolis while his brother Sam takes photos, makes ads, and hand codes our website.

Over the past couple decades Ron George Jewelers has become the East Coast's central hub for high-quality, well-crafted jewelry. We design, custom make, repair and sell unique jewelry on location right in Annapolis. It's the George family goal as artisans and custom craftsmen to provide a high quality and affordable alternative to designer brand retail stores, while excelling in friendly, customer centric services.

Keeping it In-House

What sets us apart from the other jewelers is the way our family is able to keep everything we do in-house. We sell our own jewelry on the sales floor, work with clients one-on-one to design jewelry and then hand create it ourselves. We take our own photographs, create our own ads, hand code our own website, repair jewelry, write appraisals, handle bookkeeping, and even hand select diamonds and gemstones from around the world to find the best values and qualities.

Keeping it in-house enables us to have a business model that is the opposite of many brand name retailers. We're not sales people for third party brands and we don't hire ad agencies to sell what we do to customers. Helping customers on the sales floor and working on their jewelry in the back is a family tradition. This ensures our customers are treated with the fairness, respect, and honesty they deserve from a truely locally owned and family operated jewelry business. Visit our reviews page to read hand written letters our customers have sent us or speak directly with Ron or John George today!

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